• 01.31.99

A Cut Above

Make those out-of-the-office meetings with a razor-close shave.

You’ve packed your PowerPoint slides, all the right documents — and some great clothes. But if you cut yourself shaving on the morning of your presentation, it’s going to be hard to make a good impression.


London-based FM Design wants to help you avoid such close shaves. It has introduced a new line of travel razors — available through a store in New York City called Gallery 91 — that combine portability and usability in a sleek, safe design. The razors come in six metallic color finishes, and they feature a slip-on protective shell that guards the blades and a hidden recess that stores two spares. Two textured plastic grips on the sides of the razor provide a nonslip surface, and the razor’s curvy shape fits comfortably in your hand.

The travel razors cost $10 each. For more information or to order, call Gallery 91 (212-966-3722) or visit the Web (