Road Rules – Rule 6

Who: Michael Koss (mjkoss@, CEO, Koss Corp.
Home Base: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mileage: Too many to track!
Favorite Destination: London or Sydney
Don’t Leave Home Without It: Noise-canceling headphones

“Jet lag can really knock you out. I fight it by being on local time all the time. The minute I get on a plane, I start living on my destination time. That sets me up mentally and physically. If I get on a plane to Italy in the late afternoon (when it’s already nighttime there), I’ll skip the inflight meal and sleep instead. That way, if it’s morning when I land, it’ll be ‘morning’ for me too.”

“When I’m overseas, I never keep tabs on what time it is at home. Lots of people keep their watches on home time, so they know when to call their family or office. That throws off your internal clock. Keep to your daily routines — but do it on local time. If you usually drink two cups of coffee in the morning, then go ahead and drink two cups of coffee in the morning.”

“I also avoid making big decisions on my first day in a new country. Once, when I had to be at a negotiating session to establish a distribution operation, I went straight from the airport to the meeting. As a result, I didn’t do as good a job as I could have, and we weren’t able to finish the negotiations in a single sitting. One four-hour session would have been enough if I had arrived with a clear head.”