• 12.31.98

Tuck and Cover

This contraption will keep your desk clutter- and cord-free

The more phones, faxes, and computers we squeeze into our offices, the more wires, cords, and power strips we have to squeeze behind or beneath our desks. How can you maintain a well-organized mind if your work space looks like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab? The Cable Turtle, a neat new contraption from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York Design Store, lets you add to your technology tools without adding to your office mess.


These brightly colored thermoplastic rubber shells save space and sanity. Pop open a Turtle, wrap excess cord around the joint, and snap the Turtle shut. Your work space — and your mind — will be neater.

Cable Turtles come in six different colors and are sold by MoMA in packs of three for $22.50. For more information, inquire by phone (800-793-3167) or visit the MoMA online store (