Creative Undertaker

Who: Tom Wong (
Company: Devlin Applied Design
Age: 34
Has Held Title For: 1 year
Previous Titles: Games designer and head scriptwriter at Microforum Inc.
Degree: BA, business administration, Ryerson Polytechnic University


When Tom Wong was named creative director at Devlin Applied Design, a Toronto-based Web-design company, he asked to trade his new authoritarian title for a creepy one. Why? “My job, like that of an undertaker, is all about restoring life to lifeless projects.” Wong’s title hasn’t spooked any of his blue-chip clients, which include FedEx, IBM, and Lotus.

Isn’t your title a little weird?

I wanted a title that was a bit playful — and not intimidating to the team. Besides, I like to think that I’m in touch with my dark side.

What does a Web undertaker do?

Projects tend to arrive in a whiter shade of pale. We try to give them some color, preserving their integrity as we spruce them up for display.

Where does the creativity come in?

You need to have an exciting life outside of work. Your interests can be a source of creativity. That’s why we take ideas from anywhere and from anyone — from the bookkeeper to the pizza guy.