Road Rules – Rule 4

Who: Peter White (, president, Wave Phore Newscast
Home Base: Dallas
Mileage: 100,00 miles per year
Favorite Destination: New York City
Don’t Leave Home Without: A stack of magazines

“There are three parts to any business trip: getting from home to the airport, getting through the flight, and getting from the destination airport to your hotel. I can’t control the flight, but I can control the front and back ends.

“I live about 30 miles away from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. It took me six months to find a route that shortened the drive from 45 minutes to 35 minutes. Now I can do the drive in 30 minutes! I never deviate from my route, although I look for ways to improve it.

“A few years ago, I flew into Boston for the first time. Someone told me that the hotel was 30 minutes away by car. I took a bus to the subway, reached the end of the line — and discovered that the hotel was still 30 minutes away. It was a December night, and there wasn’t a taxi in sight. It took me an hour to walk to the hotel. I’ve never been so cold.

“Now, before I leave, I always research what I’m going to face at my destination airport. I ask the hotel to describe the fastest, easiest, most direct way to get there. I look at maps.”FCS