• 10.31.98

The Site of the Cyber Fly

The place to land if you’re a fruitfly.

For cyber fruit flies, is the Web-site equivalent of cantaloupe left in the sun: Job-hunting flies visit it in swarms. The site focuses solely on interim, startup, and temporary-to-permanent job openings — perfect opportunities for fast-cycling fruit flies. But don’t mistake those openings for low-paying temp jobs. Many of the site’s listings offer competitive salaries for MBA-level positions, and more than 50% of the site’s subscribers are managers with 5 to 15 years of experience.


Here’s how it works: Members add their personal information to a database of candidates that is routinely perused by companies. Members also get emails with postings in job categories that they’ve selected. Job types include “Equity Opportunities” (stock options must be part of the offer), “Special Projects” (a short-term assignment), and “Targeted Job” (tailored to your specific qualifications). The site asks to be notified by email when members find a job, so recruiters don’t get all buzz and no fly.