Three Services for On-The-Go Go-Getters

No matter how self-reliant you are, the trials of the road sometimes leave you no choice: You’ve got to get some help! Here are three services that you can turn to.


This free service from USA.Net gives you a permanent, portable email address that you can access from any computer. When you’re operating from public computers or kiosks, the system will automatically trash the cache. That way, when you log off, the next person to use the computer won’t be able to read your mail by hitting the “back” button.

Coordinates: USA.Net, 719-265-2929,

Your Personal Concierge

You’re new to the city, and you’ve got to entertain an important client tonight. Your Personal Concierge will arrange almost any business occasion — from recommending a restaurant to getting theater reservations. Personal Concierge might even get you into that “sold out” concert.

Coordinates: Prices vary. Your Personal Concierge, 800-428-2633,


This transcription service is geared toward mobile professionals. Dial a toll-free number, enter an access code, and dictate a memo. Within 12 to 24 hours, a “cyberscribe” writes up the recording and posts it to your MobileWord mailbox. After all, haven’t you got better things to do at night than type up trip reports?

Coordinates: $3.75 per page (after paying a sign-up fee). TalkText, MobileWord, 888-286-6245, www.mobileword.comFCS