My Favorite Bookmarks – Tom Edwards

Picks from the senior vice president of Visa U.S.A.


Who: Senior vice president, emerging technology and business development, Visa U.S.A.
Favorite Search Engine: Yahoo! ( The best online tool for finding the coolest retail sites.
Surfing Manifesto: “Establishing strategic partnerships for Visa means that I have to shop, travel, and eat out a lot — so that I can monitor the marketplace. It’s a hard life, isn’t it?”


Golf Circuit
A fun, all-around golf resource with quirky extensions — everything from the best golf resorts in the world to the latest golf news.

Journal E
All things lifestyle — from information on New York cigar bars to esoteric essays.

American Racing ‘Zine
The ultimate resource for the I-can’t-drive-65 enthusiast.

My Virtual Reference Desk
A collection of you-name-it references, just a mouse click away.

Mind Tools
Tools for helping you think your way to an excellent life.