• 10.31.98

Thin Is In

This monitor sets a slim standard.

Our offices are stuffed with gaggles of gadgets, reams of reports, and mounds of memos. The last thing anyone needs is a computer monitor that’s the size of a dorm refrigerator. ViewSonic’s VPA150 display shows that thin is in. The flat-panel monitor takes up 75% less space than most traditional CRTs. Its active-matrix display offers true color and crisper-than-normal images. Its pivoting screen and special software, called PerfectPortrait, provide greater-than-normal flexibility. In landscape mode, the screen is comparable to that of a 17-inch CRT monitor. In portrait mode, it’s comparable to that of a 21-inch CRT monitor. The VPA150 sells for $1,295. Call ViewSonic Corp. (800-888-8583) or visit the Web (