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McEvoy's House Rules

Tips from a poker pro.

You've got to bring more than money to a poker table — you've got to bring a game plan. Here is Tom McEvoy's short course on playing like a pro.

Go for the Quickie Divorce: You've got a pair of aces on Second Street, but you see no improvement by the fourth card. If someone makes a big bet, fold. Never marry yourself to a promising hand that turns into an also-ran.

Beat a Retreat: Your three cards are higher than anything on the table. Hold for the opening bet, but fold if there's no improvement. Sometimes it's better to run than to play for a winner.

Flush That Flush: You've drawn a good hand, but other players are trying to strengthen their hands. Bet the limit. Your opponents are trying to back into flushes. Make them pay.

Coordinates: $500 for a two-day lesson. Tom McEvoy, 702-256-2942

A version of this article appeared in the November 1998 issue of Fast Company magazine.