You’d Better Get Packing

It’s every traveler’s predicament: what to pack? But you can sleep in peace before your next trip if you take a tip (or two) from The Packing Book, by Judith Gilford, whose hands-on advice will help even the most jaded traveler. Here’s a sampling.

When buying luggage, check out the material.

“Look for luggage that’s been polyurethane-treated and built with nylon zippers,” says Gilford. “Polyurethane keeps out moisture, and nylon zippers are less likely to snag than metal ones.”

Before you pack, list the essentials.

Include the things that will make your trip comfortable, and eliminate anything that you can do without. Review the list when you return from the trip. “This fine-tuning will save time when you pack for your next trip.”

Don’t pack your clothes — bundle them.

The “bundle method” maximizes luggage space and minimizes wrinkles. How do you bundle? Read the book, and find out.

Coordinates $8.95. The Packing Book, Ten Speed Press, 800-841-2665, www.tenspeed.comFCS