Lessin’s Lineup

According to Bob Lessin, more great corporations will be formed in the next decade than have been formed in any previous 10-year span. Most of those companies will involve the Web. Here are some of the Web-based companies in Lessin’s personal portfolio.

Bank Rate Monitor (

Go online to find the best bank rate in your area.

Comet Systems (

This company’s software will change your cursor to the logo of the company whose Web page you’re visiting.

Copycaps (

Customized baseball caps. Outstanding price-to-weight ratio.

Cybersmith (

A network of interactive technology centers — computer stores that serve coffee and pastries.

Egg Farm Dairy (

Eggs and dairy products sold over the Internet — to people who want only the best. Run by a former derivatives trader for Goldman Sachs.

Gift Ties (

Silk neckties sold over the Internet. Only one other product has a better price-to-weight ratio: computer chips. Ties are better than baseball caps; they’re better than cheese. Ties are a $3.5 billion market.

Inns & Outs (

The site to visit for information on bed-and-breakfasts throughout the world.

Mainxchange (

A real-time stock-market game.

MaMaMedia (

For 8- to 12-year-olds. It teaches kids how to use the Net and lets them create a personalized Internet experience.FCS