My Favorite Bookmarks – Jim Moloshok

Who: President, Warner Bros. Online; Senior VP, Marketing and Advertising, Warner Bros.




Favorite Search Engine: Lycos , because I love the multi-media search function.

Surfing Manifesto: Some people come home and escape with a martini. Give me a 56K modem and a computer, and I can get lost faster than anyone.

NewsLinx Web News
Daily links to the hottest news stories about the online world.

The Bingo Zone
If you yell “bingo!” at 2 a.m. on the Web, does anyone hear you?

I love seeing Lou Dobbs in streaming video. He has a way of making me feel secure about my investments.

Parent Soup
Great information on parenting – my favorite off-hours activity.
I never stopped growing up after high school, and this site is filled with practical jokes that I can play on friends.

Jelly Belly
Get free jelly beans in the mail. I like it, and my dentist likes it too.