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My Favorite Bookmarks - Genevieve Field and Rufus Griscom

Picks from the executive editor and editor-in-chief of Nerve.

Genevieve Field and Rufus Griscom


Executive editor and editor-in-chief of Nerve


Favorite Search Engine

Yahoo! when we know what we're looking for; Lycos www.lycos. com when we don't.

Surfing Manifesto

We use the Web to get filtered news, bookish ponderings, and instant stock quotes.

Silicon Investor

Where thousands cheer, commiserate, and trade stock tips.


A 21st-century glossy. Clean design, solid writing, fiendish links.

Bohemian Ink

Good links to great writers.

Fake Celeb Nudes

Yet another sign of Photoshop's threat to the plastic-surgery industry.


Great reporting and earsplitting headlines.

Center for Responsive Politics

More information about the fundraising and voting behavior of elected officials than they want you to have.

A version of this article appeared in the October 1998 issue of Fast Company magazine.