My Favorite Bookmarks – Malcolm Casselle

Who: CTO, NetNoir Inc.
Favorite Search Engines: Excite (, because I get my results fast; Northern Light (, because I can access rich archival information.
Surfing Manifesto: My pastimes are playing sports, sharing information, and meeting people. The Web helps me with at least two of those three activities at any one time.

List Foundation
It’s the place to find top talent to hire, cool events to attend, and apartments in San Francisco.

Call of the Wind — Wind Reports
If you’re a windsurfing fanatic, you need up-to-date wind reports. Get them delivered to your pager!

NetRadio Club Groove
I am deep into underground drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop, and other sorts of music that you have to pay outrageous import prices for. NetRadio offers free samples.

The Black World Today
Great commentary, and you can’t beat access to points of view that are so absent from mainstream media.