Quain’s Top Ten PalmPilot Partners

Ten tools for your Pilot.


There are literally hundreds of accessories designed to protect your PalmPilot and to make it more productive. Here are 10 of the most essential.


1. Titanium Hardcase: A nearly indestructible case for your PalmPilot.

Coordinates: $100. RhinoSkin Inc., 307-734-8833,

2. PDA Starter Kit: Bundles cleaning accessories, screen protectors, even an ergonomic desktop stylus.

Coordinates: $70. Concept Kitchen, 415-252-3333,

3. Minstrel: A 19.2 Kbps wireless IP modem that lets you connect to the Web without plugging in.


Coordinates: $400. Novatel Wireless Inc., 888-888-9231,

4. SuperPilot Memory Board II XL: Replaces the PalmPilot’s basic board, boosting its memory to 8MB.

Coordinates: $300. Technology Resource Group (TRG), 515-252-7522,

5. FlipCase: Protects your PalmPilot and lets you HotSync without removing the case.

Coordinates: $23. Synergy Solutions Inc., 800-210-5293,


6. CardScan 300: Scans business cards and synchronizes the data with the PalmPilot’s address book.

Coordinates: $299. Corex Technologies Corp., 800-942-6739,

7. Actioneer for PalmPilot: Enter an action item into the Palm Pilot’s To Do list, and Actioneer automatically drops the task into the correct calendar day.

Coordinates: $19.95. Actioneer Inc., 415-536-0700,

8. IntelliSync for PalmPilot: Updates contact information on your palmtop and your desktop from just about any personal information manager.


Coordinates: $69.95. Puma Technology Inc., 800-774-7862,

9. AvantGo Desktop and AvantGo Client: Takes information from the Web and compresses the data so it fits on your PalmPilot.

Coordinates: $99. AvantGo Inc., 650-638-3399,

10. PalmPrint: Connect your Pilot cradle to a printer and print out a memo when you’re away from the office.

Coordinates: $29.95. Stevens Creek Software, 800-823-4279,