• 09.30.98

Action Item – Boss Around? Don’t Panic.

Tools to help you goof off without getting caught.

You may believe, as we do, that one of the best ways to be productive at work is to goof off once in a while. But your boss may not agree. The solution? Don’s Boss! Page, an ingenious — and hilarious — collection of tools to help you goof off without getting caught. The site is the creation of Don Pavlish, a multimedia producer at LIVE Multimedia in Cleveland. “People at work need to blow off steam,” he says. “The problem is, their bosses get upset.”


Pavlish’s site offers a downloadable “Panic Button”: Click on it when you see the boss coming, and it calls up an authentic-looking spreadsheet. Another option, called “Sound Busy,” includes audio-based protections from detection — such as the sound of furious typing — that will convince people on the other side of your cubicle that you’re hard at work. The site even has a how-to area, called “Stealth Surfing,” that features advice from around the world on the fine art of playing at work.

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