Action Item – Partners For Your Pager

Sending and receiving pages is a hassle: there are too many numbers to punch in, and sending a text message takes too much time. Fortunately, Motorola offers two devices that ease the pain of paging.

QuickWord connects to a desktop phone, which makes sending text messages to pagers easy. This unobtrusive, box-shaped gadget stores up to 10 names and phone numbers for people whom you frequently page. Once you’ve contacted someone’s pager, you can quickly dash off a message on the fold-out keyboard.

The Portable Answering Machine provides relief to people bombarded with numeric pages. Marketed by paging services under the brand names Pockettalk and Voice Now, the machine looks and works like a palm-size pager, but it also accepts and plays back voice messages. Callers just dial your number and leave a message. The paging system beams the voice mail to the device, or, if you’re out of range, stores the message.

Coordinates: $79.99 (QuickWord) and $79.95 (Portable Answering Machine). Motorola, 800-548-9954, www.motorola.comFCS