Action Item – Test-Drive Your Career

Should you stay or should you go? LifeCenter, an Internet site created by the reference-publishing wizards at Information Access Co., offers online diagnostic tools that help you weigh your options.

LifeCenter assesses your work situation, helps you explore job possibilities, and provides expert advice from Joyce Lain Kennedy, a career columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. It’s a fee-based service, but you can give it a free test drive for 48 hours.

Upon entering the “Change Your Job or Career” part of the site, you’re asked to answer questions like “Do you get choice assignments?” and “Is there room for professional growth?” The site then uses your answers to help you decide whether to stay on board or to jump ship.

If you decide that your work isn’t working, LifeCenter provides articles and tips to help you ensure that your next gig works out.

Coordinates: $795 per year. LifeCenter,