Action Item. Do-It-Yourself Mentoring

You want to Find a mentor but don’t know where to start. Try Menttium Corp.’s independent-study mentoring program. The course provides a workbook that is a protege tool kit. It tells you how to find a mentor, build a relationship, and evaluate the experience as you go. It uses case studies to help you figure out what skills you need to work on. And for the truly socially impaired, it provides a script for making that first call to a prospective mentor. For those with experience, the manual will be too basic; for those who need a push, it’s a good way to get started.

Coordinates: Menttium Corp., 612-814-2600,

Mentoring, by Gordon F. Shea, offers advice for would-be mentors. Once you get past the low-budget clip art, you’ll find the slim book full of tips on how to dole out criticism gently and effectively. It also provides guidelines for writing a “contract” with your protege and for dealing with cross-cultural mentoring.

Coordinates: $10.95. Mentoring: A Practical Guide, Crisp Publications Inc., 800-442-7477FCS