Palm Power-User The Graffiti Guru

Tips from Pilot user Glenn Brown.



Glenn Brown, author of The PalmPilot Resource Kit (IDG Books, 1998), is perhaps the ultimate Palm power-user. Brown’s own Pilot collection includes just about every gadget ever designed for the device. His new book features a CD-ROM loaded with more than 300 software applications for the PalmPilot.


Top Tip

“Use the Graffiti shortcut commands, which will automatically insert a date stamp, for example, in a note. Draw a cursive ‘l’ and you’ll see a shortcut symbol. Then write the characters for the shortcut, such as ‘dts,’ to automatically insert the current date.”

Best Emergency Tool

“A paper clip. If your PalmPilot fails, insert the paper clip in the reset hole on the back of the PalmPilot to restart it without losing data.”

Most Useful Trick

“Use the ‘Phone Lookup’ feature. When you’re making a datebook entry, go to the ‘Options’ menu and select ‘Phone Lookup.’ Look up the person you want, then tap ‘Add’ to automatically drop his or her name into your calendar.”

Favorite Application

“Pimlico Software’s Datebk3 has the weekly, monthly, and yearly views that the Pilot’s built-in calendar lacks.”