Road Rules – Rule 2

Who: Kelly Zaleski (, presales consultant, SAP America Inc.

Home Base: Foster City, California

Mileage: 150,000 miles per year

Favorite Destination: Home!

Don’t Leave Home Without It: Bottled water

“The one thing I know when I leave on a trip is that it probably won’t go according to plan. I may miss a flight connection; I may be called to an emergency meeting. The secret to life on the road isn’t knowing how to make plans. It’s knowing how to change plans.

“That’s why I always book my travel with a person rather than on the Web: The Web can’t help you in a jam. And I always use the same person — a travel agent who works out of our building. And once a month, I bring my travel agent flowers or candy or a souvenir — just to say thanks.


“Sometimes, though, you’re on your own. That’s why I use just two hotel chains. They go out of their way to help out in a pinch. To get a junior suite at a Westin, all I have to do is show up.

“Several years ago, on a flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco, my plane arrived in Boston so late that I missed all of the domestic departures for that night. I thought I might have to sleep at the airport — until I called a nearby Marriott, asked the people there to look up my frequent-guest points, and got a room on the spot.”