Road Rules – Rule 1

Who: Richard Crone, vice president, CyberCash Inc.

Homebase: Redwood City, California

Mileage: 100,000 miles per year

Favorite Destination: Los Angeles

Don’t Leave Home Without It: Racquetball racquet

“I spend a lot of nights in hotel rooms, and it’s the easiest thing in the world, after a long flight or a tough day, to order room service and hide from the world. Don’t do it. Get out of the hotel and eat downtown. Better yet, plan ahead and make a date with someone you wouldn’t see other- wise.”

“Last year, I met a banker for dinner in Atlanta. We spent a lot of time shooting the breeze about ‘personal’ stuff. Eventually we started talking business. Specifically, we discussed a proposal that my company had made to his bank. It turns out that he was a big supporter of the proposal. By the end of dinner, he’d even volunteered to help rework a couple of sections of the document – and to help close a multimillion-dollar deal.”

“Or, recently, when I went to Anchorage on business, I ended my day by visiting a local athletic club to play racquetball. I had a great game – and I learned a lot about the area. People at the club told me about a locals-only, log-cabin restaurant. I called the members of my team, and off we went. The barbecued salmon was awesome. It was an evening that all of us will remember for a long time.”FCS