Palm Power-User The Fedex Guy

Ric Honey, manager of sort-systems development for FedEx, is almost always on the road, where he stretches the PalmPilot Professional’s technology to the max.

Top Tip

“I’ve reassigned a hotkey to turn on the backlight, so I don’t have to fumble for it in the dark. Here’s how: Go to the ‘Prefs’ application and choose ‘Buttons.’ Next to the button you want to reprogram, choose the feature on the pull-down menu.”

Most Useful Trick

“I send pages using a SkyTel 2-Way pager that I connect to my Pilot, so I can dash off a message on my palmtop.”

Most Unusual Use

“I use the DeLorme Global Positioning System (GPS) software with Street Atlas USA and an adapter cable to hook up the GPS receiver to my Pilot. This way, I always can tell where I am, and when to make the next turn. “

Favorite Application

“HandStamp Pro from SmartCode Software is an Internet email program that shows you the message headers on your mail, so you don’t waste time downloading email that isn’t urgent.”