Load Videos, Then Fire

If a good picture is worth a thousand words, then aspiring sharpshooters will find that a good video is worth a thousand rounds. These two instructional videos get four stars from Martin Jones, manager of the National Sporting Clays Association (

Winning Big in Sporting Clays

($59.95 plus $3 shipping; 90 minutes).

The footage follows the trajectory of a clay pigeon and lines up the gun muzzle to show the shooter how to powder that target. Marksman Andy Duffy delivers smart insights on why people typically miss shots, how to break the target consistently, and how to nail the easy shots.

Developing Your Own Style of Shooting

($24.95 plus $3 shipping; 90 minutes). ESPN commentator and Level III

Instructor Marty Fischer helps you develop a style that works best for you. He covers the basics, from fitting your gun to executing the classic shots.

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