Chief Underpants Officer

Age: 40


Has Held Title For: 13 years

Degree: High-school degree from Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Calgary, Alberta

Nicholas Graham knows two things for sure: First, just about everyone wears underwear. And second, just about everyone likes to have fun. In 1985, Graham put one and two together and created Joe Boxer. The San Francisco-based operation has grown into a global brand on the strength of its wacky boxers and briefs: They glow in the dark! They quack! They inflate! And Graham has had a lot of fun along the way. In 1996, he acquired the Lordship of the Manor of Balls in England. As Lord of Balls, Graham gets no land, but he does have fishing rights — and a crest that he proudly prints on his underwear!

How do people react to your title?

People are constantly showing me their underwear — at parties, on planes. It’s kind of charming.

Are you wearing clean underwear?

I’m not wearing any underwear. I think it’s okay to take a day off every once in a while. It’s good to go commando.

Your company slogan is “Change Daily!” Do you follow this advice when you are wearing underwear?

Yes. It’s important to keep things moving.

What’s your position on wedgies?

Definitely from behind. That way, you, the wedger, get better leverage on the wedgee.