My First 60 Days

Writing about how to spend the first 60 days on a new job – while I was living my first 60 days at Fast Company – was a humbling experience. After each interview, I found myself flush with a mix of panic (“Nope, I haven’t followed that advice) and motivation (“Jeez, I really need to get in gear!”). Reporting the story proved to be a useful reality check. How did I fare in my own first 60 days? Well, let’s say that they contained more muddling than moxie.

Meet people.

Forget about it. The pace at Fast Company world headquarters is far too hectic to get the quality time with coworkers that my sources recommended. So I nabbed a few minutes whenever I could – walking to the subway station with fellow editors, or popping my head into their offices to say hello.

Check in with your boss.

How do you set up a meeting at a place that doesn’t believe in meetings? I’ve learned to corner my boss at the coffee pot whenever I just “happen” to stroll by. These impromptu get-togethers haven’t given me all the answers I need, but I’ve developed the ability to hear fresh coffee dripping at a distance of 100 feet.

Write your own job description.

What job description? One day, I’m writing sidebars for an article; the next, I’m building a Web-site search engine. The startup nature of the place means that none of us has a defined job – we just have the same goal: to put out a great magazine.

Accomplish something.

You’ve read this far, so you know that I knocked off at least one rule on the list. And my editors have read this piece too. So, hey guys: How am I doing?