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My Favorite Bookmarks - Stacy Horn

Picks from the founder of Echo NYC.

Who: Founder, Echo NYC, and author of Cyberville: Clicks, Culture, and the Creation of an Online Town (Warner Books, 1998)



Favorite Search Engine: AltaVista

Surfing Manifesto: If it takes more than 15 seconds to get what I need, I leave - and never return.

The Internet Movie Database

I couldn't live without it.

As comprehensive as the Internet Movie Database - only for books.


I check out this zine regularly - dependably worthwhile content.

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

The place for people who, like me, are interested in Net culture.

Girls on Film

Movie talk (I'm a fanatic) with lots of attitude.


The Internet's Garrison Keillor, only better.

The Lizzys

This is for children, but I like exploring it because it's dark - and I hated cute stuff when I was a kid.

A version of this article appeared in the June/July 1998 issue of Fast Company magazine.