Here’s Some Good Airplane Reading

The next time you need something to read on the plane, don’t buy a magazine – unless, of course, it’s Fast Company. Instead, pick up the new book by work-and-technology guru June Langhoff. The Business Traveler’s Survival Guide (Aegis Publishing Group, 1997) lives up to its name. Slim enough (128 pages) to slide into your briefcase, inexpensive enough ($9.95) not to bust your travel budget, it’s packed with cures for road-warrior headaches, from hailing taxis to tracking online-access numbers. Here are some of our favorite tips and resources.

Yo, Taxi!

Want to avoid being overcharged for a cab ride in a new city? Send an email to, and you’ll receive the latest airport-to-downtown taxi fares for major cities around the world.

Online, All the Time

Tired of carrying a laptop? Still need to check email while you’re on the road? Then before you leave home, stop by the Internet Cafe Guide . This site points you to more than 1,400 wired cafes in 87 countries, from Austria to Zimbabwe.

How Do You Say…?

Partners and customers in other countries appreciate the courtesy when you translate your business card into their native language. Several companies specialize in creating and printing bilingual cards on short notice. Contact Advantage Inc. (212-989-5644) or Inlingua (713-622-1516).

Coordinates: June Langhoff is the editor of TeleTrends, the newsletter of the International Telework Association. You can visit her telecommuting page on the Web . To ask for or share advice with other road warriors who run in fast company, visit Fast Company’s discussion forum on the Web .FCS