Necessary Evil

Who: Sean Rolinson


Company: Bigfoot Partners LP

Age: 24

Has Held Title For: 1/2 year

Previous Title: Systems administrator

As manager of information systems at Bigfoot , a New York City-based Web-directory leader, Sean Rolinson spends his days on call as a tech troubleshooter. Sounds harmless, right? Not necessarily. When he signed on at Bigfoot, Rolinson knew that his tech-obsessed colleagues might consider him more a gadfly than a godsend. But, as Necessary Evil, he manages to get his hands on the company’s computers without ruffling too many feathers.

Why are you necessary?

We’re a technology company, and I’m responsible for overall operations on the technical side.

Why are you necessarily evil?

I have to display evil tendencies in my job to be effective: Production teams on deadline expect immediate service. Often that’s not possible – yet we don’t want people fixing things by themselves.

What evil have you done?

I shot a bird with a BB gun when I was 12 years old. I’ve never killed a living being since then.

How does your mother feel about her evil spawn?

She uses computers, so I think she understands my role.