In Gear – Pilot Pals

Even the best pilot needs a great co-pilot. These add-ons help fly the hottest handheld around.

Business-Card Bliss

The PalmPilot is great for tracking people you meet at conferences. But entering business cards into your contact manager can be a pain in the neck.


That pain just disappeared. CardJet by DynaFirm lets you scan in business cards the moment you collect them. Just attach CardJet to the back of your PalmPilot and swipe business cards across the device. You can enter as many as 200 cards, and then add notes, comments, and action items – CardJet stores it all.

The CardJet costs $299. Call DynaFirm Ltd. (800-467-1459) or visit the Web .

The Ties That Don’t Bind

Plenty of road warriors use the PalmPilot to check email. But there are two problems: Where do you find a telephone connection, and what local access number do you dial? The Minstrel Wireless IP Modem solves both problems at once. Just snap the PalmPilot into the Minstrel cradle, and you’re instantly connected to the Net. You can send and receive email, surf the Web, access your corporate intranet – forget about wires and access numbers.

The Minstrel Wireless IP Modem costs $399. Call Novatel Wireless Inc. (888-888-9231) or visit the Web .

Paging Your Pilot

3Com’s PalmPilot already tracks contacts and schedules appointments. Buy Motorola’s new PalmPilot Pager Card, subscribe to a messaging service from PageMart Wireless – and the Pilot becomes a pager.

But this pager doesn’t just receive messages; it acts on them. If the message is a telephone number, the pager automatically searches the PalmPilot contact manager and displays the sender’s name and company. Or, your office can send a schedule change to your pager. After reviewing the change, you can update your calendar by tapping on the PalmPilot screen.


The PalmPilot Pager Card retails for $169. Call Motorola (800-934-4721) or visit the Web . PageMart service ranges from $13.95 per month to $99.95 per month. Call PageMart Wireless Inc. (800-864-4357) or visit the Web .

Fly in Style

Protect your life (well, at least your contacts) with the Titanium Cockpit PalmPilot Case from RhinoSkin. What’s so great about titanium? It looks cool, it won’t rust, and it’s tough. Even if you drop this handmade case, a specially designed hinge locks shut to keep your Pilot safe. The Titanium Cockpit sells for $99.95. Call RhinoSkin Inc. (307-734-8833) or visit the Web .

This stylus has style – and stainless steel! Plus, it’s hard to lose. It clicks into place on top of your PalmPilot and stays there. To remove it, just grasp the knob and pull. The Stainless Steel Stylus sells for $17.95. Call PalmPilot Gear HQ (800-741-9070) or visit the Web .