My Favorite Bookmarks – Alice Bredin

Who: Alice Bredin: Online host of American Express’s Small Business Exchange



Favorite Search Engine: Yahoo!

Surfing Manifesto: Web sites are useless until they prove otherwise.

What’s Going On

Visit before a cocktail party to pick up descriptions of the coolest events of the day.

Web Pages That Suck

The negative-reinforcement school of Web design.

The On-Line Books Page

Forget to bring Thoreau on your trip? Use this site to read full-text versions of books that are out of copyright.

The Real Mingus Web

If you have to ask, I can’t explain it.

Anagram Insanity

Did you know that “Slit Bagel” is an anagram for “Bill Gates”?


Lets you search periodicals and wire services by topic.

Archie McPhee, Outfitters of Popular Culture

Essential pop-culture tchotchkes.FCS