Consultant Debunking Unit – The Answers

If you are truly intuitive, of course, you don’t need to read the answers! But for those who aren’t quite sure, here are the official results, along with the authors who reveal them.

1. Calling Dionne Warwick would be a crime: You can’t outsource intuition. Nor should you trust a pro – not when you can use the famous “Apple a Day” technique prescribed by Laura Day.

2. Don’t waste your breath on the gate agent. Instead, do what Barrie Dolnick does: Grab your crystal and get ready to board that plane!

3. Focus groups and venture capitalists have terrible track records with new-product launches! The correct approach is to adopt Sandra Weintraub’s envelope method.

4. As long as the question calls for a yes-or-no answer, go with Sandra Weintraub’s handmade pendulum. It’ll never leave you hanging. Besides, the other two choices are so messy!

5. Forget about the linchpin or the Internet. According to Laura Day, if you can think like an octopus, you can swim with the sharks.

6. Experience? Aptitudes? Personalities? Fuggadaboutit! The correct response is to trust the zodiac, says Barrie Dolnick. Now, what’s your sign?

7. All the authors agree: Intuition and success go hand in hand! Does this sound like circular logic to you? That just means you’re not letting your intuition flow. Remember, “Trust the Force!”FCS