Road Warrior, Surf Home

Not if it’s connected to AT&T’s PocketNet service. With PocketNet, road warriors can place calls, access email, and receive faxes. A well-designed menu also offers fast access to Web sites that make life on the road a little easier.

Lost in a strange city? Just power up PocketNet and hit the Net-access key. You’ll find TripQuest, a Web-based application from MapQuest that offers door-to-door driving directions. Just type in where you are and where you want to go.

Need a restaurant? Use PocketNet to search Future Access’s Internet Restaurant Guide . It offers information on more than 247,000 restaurants: descriptions, directions, even abbreviated menus with prices.

Tired of missed connections at the airport? Use PocketNet to check with the services at or . You can make sure your flight is on time, book another flight, change your seat, or upgrade to first class – all on the Web.

Plus, you’ll never pay for directory assistance again. PocketNet provides free access to Web-based directories such as WhoWhere? . And once you find a number, PocketNet automatically dials it for you.

AT&T’s PocketNet service only works on two cell-phone models: the Mitsubishi MobileAccess 100 series, and Samsung’s Duette. Both retail for $299. PocketNet service costs $29.99 per month. Contact AT&T Wireless Services (800-522-3373) or visit the Web .FCS