My Favorite Bookmarks – Ellen Pack

Who: Ellen Pack: Founder of and author of the Women’s Wire Web Directory (Que, 1997)



Favorite Search Engine: Yahoo! . The original.

Surfing Manifesto: Surfing is the best way to stay connected to a world that I’ve lost touch with – because I spend all my time surfing!

Media Central
A daily dose of news and commentary to feed my media obsession.

This site lets those of us in Silicon Valley keep an eye on what’s going on in Silicon Alley.

Girls on Film
The dish on flicks from women with attitude – 100% opinion.

The Museum of Modern Art
The latest on current exhibits – plus Web-only art projects.

Yahoo! Maps
Specially designed for the navigationally challenged!
Advice on everything from carving a turkey to avoiding junk mail.

This Day in History channel/thisday
Bite-sized doses of history.FCS