• 03.31.98

Action Item: The Pitch Called You

Tom Peters on creating and updating your résumé.

Before you sell anything, you need to sell yourself. And the primary powertool for that pitch is your résumé. “Your résumé is you,” enthuses Tom Peters, evangelist of the new economy, in Think Résumé (previously published as Tom Peters’ Career Survival Guide), a CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh. The disc’s main message: Keep your résumé up to date. Ask yourself, Are you adding something every 90 days? The product includes a basic résumé-maker, which helps you fashion a document that you can easily update, print, or copy into your favorite word processor. Better still is Peters’s advice on how to improve your résumé:


1. Instead of thinking about what your “rank” is, think about the “braggable” projects that you’ve completed.

2. Use the diversity of jobs that you’ve had to emphasize your overall skill set.

3. Think of the résumé as your offer to help solve a potential employer’s problems.

Coordinates: $39.95. Houghton Mifflin Interactive, 617-503-4800;