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My Favorite Bookmarks - Rebekka Weinstein

Picks from the 1997 "Future Entrepreneur of the Year."

Who: Rebekka Weinstein: Entrepreneur of the Year; Brown University student, class of 2001


Favorite Search Engine: Lycos

Surfing Manifesto: The Net is a great way to find information for class work - but I use it mainly to find entertaining distractions!
Cool stuff for the Star Wars fan.

Welcome to Sin City: The Web Home of Penn & Teller
Humorous stories, tour schedules, and links to other great P&T sites.

Blue Mountain Arts
Send unlimited electronic greeting cards - for free.

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. project
Rice University students tested everybody's favorite snack cake for its resistance to gravity, fire, water, and even intelligence! Then they documented their results in haiku.

The answer to any perplexing conundrum you can think of is a double-click away.

Juggling Information Service
When I'm not studying or surfing the Web, I'm practicing juggling.

A version of this article appeared in the February/March 1998 issue of Fast Company magazine.