My Favorite Bookmarks – Chris Dixon

Who: Chris Dixon, Online Editor, Surfer Magazine




Favorite Search Engine: Lycos,

Surfing Manifesto: No matter how virtual or vital the Net becomes, I doubt if I’ll ever choose a surf session with a computer over the real thing.

National Data Buoy Center

Check the waves nearly anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

The Groom Lake Desert Rat

Glenn Campbell went to Nevada to debunk the UFO sightings and found some weird goings-on in the desert after all.

Project Vote Smart

The mother of all truth-seeking political databases.

Surfrider Foundation

Information for the wired surfer.

Deja News

A database of the good, the bad, and the profane from all newsgroup postings. Great search features.

Cool Site of the Day

Irreverent, funny, and informative, these guys have cornered the market on Web cool.

MacWEEK Online

They leave no breakthrough uncovered, no blunder uncriticized, and no Macgeek unsated.