Vibe Evolver

Who: Per Hakansson


Company: Bonnier Icon Publishing

Age: 31

Has Held Title For: 1 year

Previous Title: Publisher

Degree: BS, business administration

Per Hakansson works for Bonnier, Sweden’s oldest and most venerable book publisher. But as Vibe Evolver for a new-media subsidiary owned by Bonnier and Icon Medialab, he leads a maverick think tank in developing new products, Web zines, and push-channel strategies for clients as diverse as Volkswagen, IDG, and the Swedish Post Office. His secret for bringing the tradition-bound world of publishing into the Digital Age? Good vibes, of course.

How does a publisher become a Vibe Evolver?

I used to be the “boss.” Then I realized that the real job of a leader is to create robust environments for personal development – good vibes.

But can good vibes sell books?

Great teams beat everything, and you can’t have effective teamwork without good vibes.

Where do you pick up good vibes?

Airplanes. And email. One thing I’ve learned from working with a far-flung network of clients and colleagues is that vibes can travel far – but order stays put.

How do you ward off bad vibes?

By keeping the focus on fun and on personal development – not just on producing things.