• 12.31.97

Need a Personal Assistant? Call Webley!

Webly comes to the aid of business travelers.

What overstretched business traveler wouldn’t want a personal assistant on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to forward calls, return messages, and monitor email?


Try Webley, a virtual personal assistant. Callers dial your personal 1-800 number. Webley knows whether you’re at the office, in the car, or on the road — and transfers the call. It uses caller ID to tell you who is trying to reach you. It stores voice-mail messages, remembers the numbers of the people who left them, and returns or initiates calls at your instruction. (“Webley, call Bob Jones in his car.”)

Introduced in July, Webley is a lot like Wildfire, a product launched three years ago to wide attention and acclaim. But there are some differences. Because Webley is built around Internet technology and requires no special hardware or software, it’s cheaper than Wildfire. Webley users also can listen to email over the phone or to voice mail over the Net. Webley’s introductory price is $14.95 per month, plus 14.9 cents per minute for incoming and outgoing calls. Call Webley Systems Inc. (888-333-0300) or visit the Web .