My Favorite Bookmarks – Jim McCann

Who: President, 1-800-FLOWERS



Favorite Search Engine: I’m search-engine-ambivalent. I use them all.

Surfing Manifesto: If it’s boring, I skip it. There’s too much good stuff out there to waste time on a bland, unfocused site.

The Weather Channel

A must for busy professionals who prefer to travel light!

Everything except a magic potion that will help me break 80. TV Central — Seinfeld

The official site for “Seinfeld” fanatics. A “Seinfeld” quiz is one of the final steps in our hiring process.

Sidewalk — New York

Everything you want to know about New York: restaurants, movies, shows, sports, and art exhibits.

Audio Book Club

When you can’t read everything you’d like to, try books on tape. This site offers a huge selection.

Garden Escape

You can design your dream garden on-screen and then order the plants and materials with a simple click of your mouse.

Virtual Vineyards

Wine for sale, reviews, suggestions on what to serve with various foods, and more.FCS