Director of Fun

Who: Mona Cabler

Company: Sprint Paranet

Age: 38

Has Held Title For: 2 years

Previous Title: Director of Administration

When people see Mona Cabler’s business card, they think “party girl.” In reality, Sprint Paranet’s Director of Fun puts in long, hard hours to make work a celebration for the 1,200 employees at the Houston-based network services company. Her challenge? To instill loyalty and create a stable, supportive culturein an organization where at any one time 90% of the employees are working off-site with clients.

What does fun have to do with work?

Fun and work are mutually reinforcing. When companies say they’re employee-centered, they usually mean centered on helping employees achieve the company’s goals. We emphasize helping individuals achieve their personal goals.

Why do you have to direct fun?

My role helps combat the corporate mind-set that says you don’t mix work with pleasure. Besides, we hire nonstop, and having a director of fun is a great recruiting tool.

But is official fun really fun?

If our parties are any indication, company fun is as good as it gets.

So all work and no play makes a dull employee?

We think so. But fun isn’t just parties, gifts, and awards. I work hard to create the basic conditions for fun. That involves activities like hiring, project management, and community service.FCS