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My favorite bookmarks - Ellen Knapp

Picks from the chief knowledge officer for Coopers Lybrand.

Who: Vice Chairman & Chief Knowledge Officer, Coopers & Lybrand


Favorite Search Engine: Infoseek (

Surfing Manifesto: There are two kinds of people on the Net: surfers and divers. I'm a diver — I like to know where to find the information I need, and then I dive in after it.

@BRINT, A Business Researcher's Interests

A virtual library of the best sources for knowledge management and intellectual capital.


Webzine for electronic-commerce strategists.

Who's Marketing Online

Brainstorming ideas for Website-marketing strategies.

The World Bank

A knowledge base of world news and country information.


This site contains definitions of hundreds of words that are emerging as the new vocabulary of Net technology and community.

Garden Escape

It's wonderful to see the Internet moving beyond the sale of clothes, books, and digiware. A superb example of a commercial site with features for personal customization.

Scuba Diving Expo

The best place for scuba enthusiasts!

A version of this article appeared in the October/November 1997 issue of Fast Company magazine.