Business Surfinary

The world’s first surfing-to-business dictionary.

Business has more than its share of sports metaphors. But who needs football and basketball when you’ve got surfing? We’ve created the world’s first surfing-to-business dictionary.


Surf Term: Buoy
Biz Term: Bureaucrat

Someone who bobs on a board but never takes a wave. Also “decoy” and “duck.”

Surf Term: Dawn Patrol
Biz Term: Power Breakfast

An early morning surfing session, where the hard core line up for quakers and crunchers before work.

Surf Term: Eat It
Biz Term: Go Bankrupt

To fall off your board (“I ate it somethin’ fierce.”). To eat the sand or a piece of your surfboard. Also “to get munched, lunched, hammered, drilled, worked, or wiped.”


Surf Term: Eggroll
Biz Term: New Hire

A raw novice; anyone below you in the pecking order. Also “kook,” “barnacle,” “gilligan,” “wanker,” “wilma.”

Surf Term: Epic
Biz Term: Bull Market

When the waves are huge, powerful, and consistent. Also “pumping” (or “pumpeen”), “grinding,” “cooking,” “raging,” and “foffing.”

Surf Term: Getting Tubed
Biz Term: Going Public

The G-spot in surfing. A ride during which the surfer disappears behind the curtain of a breaking wave. Also “going to church.” The tube or barrel is often called the “green room,” “glasshouse,” “the Pope’s living room.”


Source: “The Surfin’ary” edited by Trevor Cralle (Ten Speed Press, 1991).