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My Favorite Bookmarks - Elizabeth DeMarse

Picks from the Director of Marketing at Bloomberg L.P.

Who: Director of Marketing, Bloomberg L.P.



Search Engine: Infoseek

Surfing Manifesto: I'm a family-oriented surfer. I search for cheats on my son Daniel's favorite video games. And looking for vacation opportunities is great.


A welcome and important email registry.


Because it's never too early to get your kids going.

PC Financial Network

Best customer service, best desk, best backend.

Hoover's Online

It's fun to research companies to invest in here.

Wall Street City

Stop here to look, listen, and learn.


Watch these guys: they're onto something for the corporate user.


A superior idea! Like Lotus Notes for free.

Netly News Network

Spoof Central is just a hoot!

George Magazine

Especially for Virtual Politics

A version of this article appeared in the August/September 1997 issue of Fast Company magazine.