Clouser Minnow

“The go-to fly is the Clouser Minnow,” says Joe Healy, editor of “Saltwater Fly Fishing” magazine.


“The Clouser has taken every saltwater sport fish.”

Coordinates: $17.95 a year. “Saltwater Fly Fishing” magazine, 800-397-8156.

Carpet Crab Merkin

Healy’s Hook: “Catches many types of game fish, especially permit and redfish.”

Also known as “Del’s Permit Crab,” it’s tied with carpet yarn. Just pluck a few threads from your merkin.

Seafoam Popper

Healy’s Hook: “Casts as well as it fishes, and it’s durable enough to handle toothy fish such as bluefish.”

The Popper doesn’t work particularly well on the flats, where surface commotion scares fish, but it can be deadly in tidal cuts.

Lefty’s Deceiver

Healy’s Hook: “An archetype for many streamer patterns popular today.”

Nothing more than a bunch of feathers artfully arranged on a hook, the Deceiver works beautifully when game fish are on penned-up bait.

Sea Ducer

Healy’s Hook: “A lovely, all-natural fly made from hackle feathers.”

Aptly named, the Sea Ducer makes a pulsing action when stripped through the water. It was first tied by the legendary angler Homer Rhode.