This Artist’s Depictions Of Her Tinder Experiences May Fully Cure You of The App

Tinder has been responsible for a lot of pain over the years. So many lies. So much ghosting. The occasional homicide. But much like heroin (which is just barely harder to quit than the geolocational dating app), Tinder has also produced a lot of art. (But mostly pain.)

In the past, we’ve seen swipe-induced dating disasters go on to inspire songs, an infinity gauntlet of screenshot blogs, a hilarious and thriving live comedy show, and also a documentary series. The latest burst of Tinder-based artistic expression, however, is a series of illustrations that perfectly encapsulates a woman’s experience on the app.


Tinder Diaries documents one artist’s quest for a suitable male suitor, and all the unconscionable garbage monsters she meets along the way. Created by Audrey Jones, the series consists of vaguely Dan Clowes-esque capsule images representing the crude messages Jones receives on an infinite loop. Mostly, it’s a kaleidoscopic blur of unambiguous sex invites, but the cathartic fun comes from how Jones represents these gentleman callers, and her absurdist responses to them.

“I love your style and body,” one guy writes, depicted as a reclining beardo in sunglasses. “I know you are looking for a long-term relationship but I am here for only 2 nights . . . will you visit my hotel?”

“Will you feed me mint corndogs?” Jones replies, along with an image of a large, bald woman eating an amount of corndogs that Slimer would envy.

Jones’s pain as all of our pain, and her good-natured resilience will either help us all go on or convince you to log off forever.

Have a look through more images in the slides above.JB