Get Your First Look At Robert DeNiro As Bernie Madoff In HBO’s “Wizard Of Lies”

In the Trump era, a movie in which a wealthy conman is found out and sent to prison now counts as escapism.

Get Your First Look At Robert DeNiro As Bernie Madoff In HBO’s “Wizard Of Lies”

WHAT: The first trailer for upcoming HBO movie, The Wizard of Lies, which is the latest biopic about Bernie Madoff.

WHO: Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and director Barry Levinson.

WHY WE CARE: When last year’s miniseries, Madoff, premiered, the Richard Dreyfuss-starring vehicle offered a clinical look at recent history, lest we forget it. The world of 2017, however, is very different, and watching a film in which a wealthy con man is found out and sent to jail in disgrace might now register as escapism for many a concerned citizen. In the first trailer for HBO’s The Wizard of Lies (how everybody involved got on board with that title, Co.Create will never know) Robert DeNiro proves his stunning likeness to the man behind the greatest Ponzi scheme of the 21st century. Michelle Pfeiffer, who has been mostly absent in recent years, aside from a cameo in Bruno Mars lyrics, plays Madoff’s wife, Ruth. Together, the pair star in a project that feels like so much wishful thinking as the world waits for the results of a certain investigation into Russia. Pair The Wizard of Lies with HBO’s Enron movie and the evening news for a thematically linked triple-feature.

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