Some News From Your Friends At Co.Exist

To all of Co.Exist’s loyal readers, we have a bit of news: Today is the last day of this site as you know it. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to find our continued writing at, but we’lll no longer be publishing under a separate banner. The team remains the same and we’re going to be pursuing the same kinds of stories. I hope you’ll still come find find them at our new home.

We started this site five years ago with the mission to cover the ideas driving positive change in the world, and I hope that while we’ve been doing that, we’ve inspired some of you to start your own social enterprises, or push your workplace to change, or to just generally work to be more thoughtful and engaged citizens of the world.

For everyone who’s taken the time to share their work with us, know that one of the true pleasures of running this site has been hearing about the positive effects we’ve had on the projects we’ve covered, connections made or funding secured.

I also want to say thank you to all the writers, too many to list here, who’ve graced us with their bylines and penned such fabulous stories.

Most of all, though, thanks to all the readers. I hope we pushed you to look at the world a little differently and work a little harder—it’s more important now than ever. Thanks for your support (and the intensely critical emails).

But this is not really an ending, and I hope you’ll still share your work with us (you can always reach me at mclendaniel [at] We’ll now have a bigger platform and more resources to tell these stories, and I hope you enjoy what we come up with.MC