Holy Quotables, This Video Ranks The Best Movie Dialogue Of All Time

Did the film with your favorite dialogue make the list? It probably did.

Holy Quotables, This Video Ranks The Best Movie Dialogue Of All Time
Steve Jobs, 2015

WHAT: A video parsing through what makes great movie dialogue, and ranking the best examples.

WHO: The cinephiles over at Cinefix.

WHY WE CARE: Great movie dialogue is like what that Supreme Court justice once said of pornography: you know it when you see (or “hear”) it. And just like pornography, there are several factors that go into defining what makes for great dialogue: wordplay, subtext, and verbal conflict for instance. Cinefix’s latest video, “Best Dialogue of All Time,” makes 10 such components into categories and uses them to rank the best on-screen verbal jousting ever. The obvious modern masters, such as Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, and Aaron Sorkin are represented. (Along with The Departed screenwriter, William Monahan, whom Co.Create interviewed on this very topic.) Cinefix also pays tribute to the classics, too, singling out My Dinner with Andre, the Marx Brothers, and even the Bard himself. Although taste is obviously subjective, the list covers a lot of bases. Perhaps its only weak spot is the egregious absence of films written by women and minorities. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook which movies you think were missing from the list.

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